Dream carefully

End of July 2021 I fell down from a (high) tree, broke six vertebrae. Long surgery, ICU, left hospital paralyzed from hips down. This part of the story resembles many similar stories.

What happened to me two days before the fall is quite shocking and revealing at the same time. And that’s what makes the story unique. I recall talking to my wife, “I’m buying this intensive online course from Dr. Joe because I want to become “Russian Joe Dispenza””. I only realized this recently when my wife asked to look up the date of purchase. It all came together, now. I wanted to become X two days before I fell and broke the spine.

If you don’t know who Dr. Joe is it’s not that important. What is important is the part of his bio when he was kicked off his bike by a truck and fell on his back. And now I’m in intensive recovery that I may guess very much resembles what Dr. Joe went through, although 25 years ago. Looks like we even broke same vertebrae. Despite “you’ll never walk again” prognosis from people with sharpest scalpels my legs begin to sense and move. I recover. As did Joe.

Thanks, quantum field for answering my prayers in such a literal manner! Quoting my adored scientist Bruce Lipton who spoke about God that rules with extremely honed perverse sense of humour.

This brings me to a conclusion.

First, very simple: dream (or set your intention) carefully, I mean VERY.

Second, philosophical: accept all that happens as an opportunity. Even if at first it looks dramatic for you or for some people around you, apply sense of humour.

Third is divine, and very intimate: it’s time to love myself no matter what, smile, rejoice and learn to accept the care (I’m my case from my wife who’s been with me all this time believing in my complete recovery)

P.S. If you feel like you want to support me somehow then imagine me moving on my feet and smiling. Even for a few breaths/seconds it will pump my quantum walking reality up.